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EBI & Karman & Hooman

12/06 & 12/08/2008

Metallica &  The Sword
12/17 – 12/18/2008

Sarah Brightman

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Striking workers at the Pearl Jam concert


Neil Young Pulls Show In Support Of Strikers
Young Backs Union, Cancels Show
Neil Young cancels picketed LA concert
Neil Young cancels Oct. 30 Inglewood Forum show
Pastor is un-Faithful on promises to union
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Hundreds of IA 33 Members and LA Union Members Protest at Pearl Jam Concert
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Madonna: Desperately Seeking Stagehands
Madonna Crosses Picket Lines
I Never Saw it Coming
Why is the black church that bought the Forum dissing workers?
bullet Hundreds of Picketers Rally at Madonna Concert


IATSE Local 33, SEIU 1877,  Engineers 501

Neil Young Cancels Show in Support Of Strikers

IATSE 33 Thanks Singer for Refusing to Cross Picket Line

October 30 – Neil Young has cancelled his Los Angeles concert scheduled for tonight at the Inglewood Forum rather than cross the IASTE Local 33 picket line that has been occurring over a labor dispute at the venue. Confronted with whether to perform and have his fans cross a picket line or to cancel the show, Young chose the latter.

 “We whole-heartedly thank Neil Young for taking this strong stand with our union, and for all middle-class Americans,” said IATSE 33 Business Representative James Wright. “At this time of crisis in our country’s economy, it is vital that we all stand together to help middle class families.”



We Won't Quit Until Justice is Done!

Over 120 Workers on Sidewalk at Forum After 39 Years of Service

• Fair Wages for Forum Workers!

Please tell the Forum:
We want our jobs back!
Middle Class jobs need to stay in Inglewood!

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Over 120 Workers on Sidewalk at Forum After 39 Years of Service

• Stagehands, Janitors, Building Engineers Impacted

After more than two years of negotiating for a new contract agreement, stagehands at the L.A. Forum were terminated from their  jobs last April. Many of them had years of service at the facility. The janitors had their contracts terminated in February. Last year, the building engineers were forced to walk away from the venue after wages were slashed.

For 39 years, since the building opened, the Forum has been a union facility. Six years ago the Forum was purchased by Faithful Central Bible Church. Even after the church bought the facility, we continued to work well with management there. We bent over backwards to accommodate the Church.

But it wasn't enough.

Striking workers at the Pearl Jam concert. View more photos here

Two years ago, Faithful Central Bible Church brought in SMG, the multimillion-dollar corporate management company, which has taken a very hard-line stance. After forcing steep cuts of up to 35% on veteran workers we were unable to reach an agreement. Then, earlier this year we were terminated. Replacement workers were waiting in the wings to take our jobs, brought in on church busses.

Now we are fighting back. Stagehands from IATSE Local 33, janitors represented by SEIU Local 1877 and building engineers from Operating Engineers 501 have joined forces to try and get our jobs back at the Forum in Inglewood.

Middle class jobs need to stay in Inglewood. The unions feel that the Forum, by defending fair pay and treatment, would reaffirm the values of the many union members who are residents of the city of Inglewood.

We ask the church not to wash its hands of this dispute but to take responsibility and a leadership role in forging a solution. Please stop allowing SMG to bring in replacement workers as we stand on the sidewalks.

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